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Originally Posted by MKUltrad View Post
That would mean people I know (UK Residents) were in on it too, people who have been to Ground Zero and to the memorial, taken pictures of it. Everything.

Everyone who has been there since would have to have been in on it. This is the daftest theory since Flat Earth. No offence.
It's not just a stupid theory, it is a theory without any logical thought put into it.

If it were filmed prior to 911, and broadcast on sept 11th for the 'world' to see, these American's living in NYC who (apparently) "were watching it on TV," could easily have taken a camera and filmed the TV footage showing the towers covered in smoke, and then filmed the real towers out of their window(s).

And then the entire thing would have been shown to be fake.

The story holds about as much water as a bucket with no bottom in.

The faker crowd really do need to do their research with some due diligence.

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