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Buy or rent the Blu-ray versions of Forrest Gump, JFK and Titanic, three movies made in the 90s, and watch the "making of" those movies in the special features.

In Forrest Gump and JFK, there were parts of cities created by computer simulation that looked like the real thing.

In Titanic, James Cameron explained how he used computer simulations to create people falling from the boat at the end of the movie. They looked like the people falling from the Twin towers.

This technology to fake reality was available in the 90s and was used in many movies. They could fake an entire city and it would look real. Many 9/11 researchers do believe that certain things were faked like the planes but I'm saying they faked the whole thing including the towers. It gave the perps greater control over what people saw or didn't see just like in a movie.

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