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Originally Posted by snowleopard View Post
Think about it... what destroyed the towers? Thermite? Nuclear devices? Direct energy weapons? What if something went wrong that day and whatever was being used to destroy the towers didn't work or it stopped working half way through?
I wrote a blog about this.

I'm of the opinion the towers were to be demolished right after the plane impacts to make it look as if the towers came down from the shear impact of the plane cutting the buildings top half in two.

It's likely something went wrong with the first impact. If you can imagine the building had fallen straight after, WTC 7 would have dust cover so when the second plane came in, WTC 7 could have been demolished so to make it look like it collapsed because of structural failure of falling debris.

This is why I think the south tower fell first. The relays probably went into a standby failsafe, pushing the timers forward plus one hour while the North Tower was attempted to be reconnected.

The South Tower was hit at an angle. Probably because the issue with the first impact was that a major connection was severed somewhere in the central columns.

To look at this logically, the event was running to the plan B in event of a failure.

If you can find the north tower crash video, the one taken by the firefighters, you can see two big smoke clouds coming from around the 108th-110th floor, much higher than the crash site.

These are detontated explosives.

As AIA: Architects and Engineers have pointed out in anaylsis, the top half of the building collapsed in on itself, beginning in unison with where the building was cut. So the demolition looks started but failed split seconds after.

For the sake of the post, there is no way this was pre-recorded.

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