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Originally Posted by snowleopard View Post
The event was pre-recorded.

Too many things can go wrong when an event is live especially if you intend on deceiving the entire world with a fake terrorist attack.

I was watching Ocean's 11 the other day and that's when I realized that what we saw on 9/11 had probably been a pre-recorded movie.

In the Ocean's movie, the thieves show the casino owner a tape of them stealing the money but it isn't real. The thieves created a replica of the vault and then taped themselves stealing fake money.

While the owner is being distracted by this tape he calls the police who send in the SWAT team but it's the Ocean's 11 team in disguise. They go in and steal the millions of dollars for real.

Many people believe 9/11 was a gigantic heist and I think some type of magician's trick happened on that day while we were being distracted by a tape of a pre-recorded fake event with fake jumpers, fake planes AND fake images of the towers. While this was going on, billions were being stolen.

Do you mean the news images broadcast all over the world were pre recorded?
Or do you mean the actual whole event was prerecorded ?
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