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Marine Accidentally Hung Himself, 13 ft Demon Dragged Him to Hell !!!

In 1994 Marine Shawn Weed accidentally hung himself and went to hell where a 13ft demon grabbed him by the shoulder, picked him up, and headed mach-speed for the boiling lake of fire! What happened next is a divine miracle!

At the 51:20 mark he talks about being taken to hell even though he never did anything drastic that he knew of that would cause him to go to hell.

53:08: Shawn Weed: "There's a lot of good people in hell—a lot people that call themselves Christian are there, and it's because they didn't really devote their life to God—they lived one foot in and one foot out like I did. You don't have to be a bad person to go to hell. All you have to do is just be average and God doesn't call us to be average, he calls us to be holy like he is. What that really means is that you gotta—for lack of a better word—you don't have to become a bible-thumping Christian, but you should devote your life to God as much as you possibly can and if that puts me in the category of bible-thumping Christians then so be it, I'm a bible-thumping Christian. I would rather be that than in the middle, because I know what in the middle gets you –it gets you in the same place being fully against him gets you. It's kinda like what he said in Rev. ..."

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