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One thing I'm seeing is that for sure those on carnivore diets always show poor results on their blood tests even though for the most part they claim they feel great.

Shawn Bakers blood tests were particularly alarming indicating he is diabetic. It seems odd that someone who eats no sugar or carbs can have a high enough sugar level in their blood to suggest he is diabetic. Personally I don't put that much faith in medical tests. As a home health care provider I've seen countless examples of people feeling deathly ill and doctors do tests and find nothing wrong with them. So it comes as no surprise that people who feel fine can have test results indicating they have some sort of disease. I remember several years ago I had a severe tooth infection and went to a dentist to have my tooth pulled without even bothering to take my blood pressure. The dentist wouldn't pull it because he said I had high blood pressure and wanted me to see another doctor and get put on high blood pressure medication before he would pull the tooth. He basically said that if I didn't I would die. Instead I went to another, more old fashioned dentist, who pulled the tooth. After he pulled it I told him what the other dentist had said. He said he could tell that I was in pain and that my blood pressure was high from it. To be safe I ordered a blood pressure cuff from Amazon. By the time it arrived my blood pressure was completely normal. Last time I took it, it was 114 over 72 which was quite low. Especially for someone over the age of 60. Had I listened to the first dentist I would have been on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life. Perhaps if I had not eaten grains for most of my life I would have never needed the tooth to be pulled in the first place...
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