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Normally when I have meat I put a huge amount of herbs and spices and yesterday I was making a steak and for a change I tried putting only sea salt on it. It tasted surprisingly good. So much so in fact that I made another steak for dinner and had it the same way.

I been going back on various posts in forums trying to figure out my diet earlier this year when I was able to do 26 pull ups and the nearest I can figure I was doing mostly carnivore and supplementing with wheat grass juice. I thought that I was also taking betaine HCL but it turns out I hadn't ordered it till June 12 and I did the 26 pull ups in mid April. I had also started doing collagen a little bit before that but well after I did the 26 pull ups. I also thought I may have been taking fish oils, especially salmon but my last order of salmon oil was December 29th, 2017. I looked up and found posts that say I switched from salmon oil to wild caught salmon in early March. By mid march I was eating a ton of salmon but I can't be sure how much I was eating prior to doing the 26 pull ups. Probably quite a bit. I remembered I used to eat a lot of kale but January 26th was the last post I can find mentioning kale so I'm pretty sure I had stopped eating it before I did my 26 pull ups.

From the best I can reconstruct my athletic performance was at it's peak while eating rare cooked beef, salmon, raw organ meat smoothies, eating very little vegetables and even less fruit. I was totally off caffeine, supplementing only with wheatgrass juice powder mixed in water. Oh yes. I forgot I had just started drinking peppermint tea and using the essential oil!

I remember thinking back then that I wasn't eating enough vegetables so I started making an effort to take more of them. Till last week I had been steadily increasing the number of vegetables and recently adding lots of sprouts. I nearly totally cut out the organ meat smoothies. I noticed a strong lowering of both mood and athletic performance and a strong desire not to work out. This continued till last week when I cut down on vegetables and drastically increased the amount of organ meat smoothies. My goal is to replicate my diet as close as possible when I was able to do the 26 pull ups and if possible improve on that but so far instead of improving I seem to have gone the other way. Maybe if it ain't broke, I shouldn't be trying to fix it!
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