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I have just seen a terrifying new video by David on the effects of chemicals on testosterone levels in both women and men. There was a reference to Highgate school not far from where I live where it costs £7,000 a term. If it is the same one I am thinking of a private school where a friend of my father sent his son. He got five A'levels with A grades but in the end he became strange and I am wondering if it had something to do with the school. The chemicals David is referring to are called oestrogen compounds. Virtually all plastics are like this. There was a horizon programme specifically about this topic in the mid to late '70's where I am not certain if it was in the great lakes in america perhaps lake superior or maybe lake baikal in Russia where animals were changing sex and this was back in the '70's. Of course at the time you think it is a mistake and can be sorted out provided they are willing to do so but clearly this is not the case
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