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Originally Posted by omnisense View Post
Open mindedness has nothing to do with it. I feel if you were to write with more paragraphs and avoid caps lock people would read your posts more. I'm not dissing you, I'm just trying to help you. As it stands, huge walls of text with all caps worked in doesn't work for me. It is hard to read...
i welcome positive criticism anytime,always whats under the hood is more important than the dont want to race me for cash slips or reputation if you judge the outer appearance of my sleeper.
i dont care if people read it or not thats their loss.but i will do a good write up with proper sentence structure punctuation.Then i will mislead them with my content.Is there anything relevant to the content of my post?
read between the lines Animal farm.i dont care about the paragraphs or punctuation.Orwell was the man,i wonder if your book can surpass that one?you think it will?
yet again you judge by appearance.
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