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Arrow 23rd Countess

1 Degree 22 S + 36 Degree 38 E..

Lady Erroll in 1946..

Diana Denyse Hay, 23rd Countess of Erroll (5 January 1926 – 16 May 1978, Oban, Scotland) was a Scottish noblewoman..She also inherited the hereditary position Lord High Constable of Scotland..
Serva Jugum..

Coat of arms of the Earls of Erroll..

The Earls of Erroll hold the hereditary title of Chief of Clan Hay..The Hay clan descends from Scoto-Norman knight Guillaume de la Haye, who first appears on the records circa 1160..Gilbert Hay, 11th Earl of Erroll, on 13 November 1666, obtained a regrant of his honours..The family seat is Woodbury House, near Everton, Bedfordshire... I work at the Paragon Institute where we study the phenomena of extrasensory perception and we are using biofeedback techniques to tap the almost limitless resources of the human mind...

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