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Originally Posted by transcendental stallion View Post
Alex Collier isn't that great of a contactee. No pictures, no valid proof and much of his claims are theoretical. I like BILLY MEIER. Alex sucks cock. I know much of what he says is true. The CIA doesn't even try to disprove this fools claims like they do Meier.
What would you know about it?

Billy Meier had multiple attempts on his life. This is part of the reason I refrain from presenting pictures to back up my own personal claims. Simply discussing my contact experiences has caused numerous psy-op occurrences to take place.

I've had cars following me, email hacked, known Freemasons calling my phone, etc. Until you've been the victim of CIA stalking programs, you shouldn't criticize others for withholding evidence.

Alex refrains from presenting the evidence you seek because his life would be in danger if he did otherwise. Preventing him from sharing and spreading more important information.

Besides, many don't take photos and videos seriously anyways. People always scream "CGI, Photoshop, etc. " There is no reason for Alex to risk his life ( and he is) to present photos. It wouldn't accomplish anything if he gets a bullet in his head, as a result. How would he help spread information then?

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