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Undoubtedly, it's difficult to know that when someone speaks of such a thing whether they're being honest or perhaps mentally ill. The same goes for those who claim to have had supernatural experiences.

One just has to do the best they can to determine whether or not the person speaks truthfully perhaps based upon one's own experience. I don't discredit Mr. Collier but I wonder about some 'predictions' made for the '90's that did not come to pass. Perhaps he spoke to soon? Perhaps things changed.

Conditions change, minds change, dynamics in general change. There are choices, more than one path. Nothing is cast in stone. Looking back upon some of the prophecies told throughout time they are almost always predicated with a comment about nothing being cast in stone and things can change if man changes himself or the situation.

Perhaps that's what happened? We will never know. He doesn't speak hatefully, though and that touches me. He claims to have learned things from other beings who do not speak hatefully. He says the beings are well aware that any path to self destruction humanity has set its course for can be changed. I believe that but it remans to be realized. He fascinates me. His ultimate message is a hopeful one.
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