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CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY either a real bear or some clever film-making (Probably both IMO)
If you honestly think this is anything else then you need serious help, mentally.

Seriously, people watch FAR TOO MANY movies and TV. So much so, their imagination and this reality have merged into one screwed up view of the world they live in. Its the sad truth and whats even sadder is the people who have created this warped perspective would RATHER all these nasty creatures to be real than to face the truth that their misguided imagination has created. Very sad indeed. Its like people lust after fear.

Vampires, Werewolves and bloody tooth-fairies do NOT exist and anyone who believes they do needs to grow up and turn off their tele because you've been brainwashed into wanting these nasty things to be real.

Trust me, there's plenty of nasty human beings out there already to satisfy your deranged thirst for blood, suffering and horror without having to create a fantasy reality with some totally warped and twisted sense of romance. Its absolutely sick and absolute proof that your ego has taken full control of your consciousness thanks to your television which you THINK is entertainment. However, in reality it just sends you into a brainwashing trance that makes you impressionable and corruptible, taking you away from love and into fear.
You can never know if quotes on the internet are genuine -Abraham Lincoln
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