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Hi All, I am a new at this forum but not quite new with the subject of what is going on on this planet. I spend my live wondering and asking questions about reality, what we are doing here and where we come from and why we don't know anything about our past.

Quite some questions became clear and got updated with new views.

There still is a lot to investigate. I like to tell my kid about alternative views on the world and how things are run in this world. But how do you tell your kid(s) about all of this? Is there a kids presentation available that can be useful to start up the subject with kids?

I have another questions about the symbols that are used to influence our perception of reality. If symbols can be used in such a negative way are there also symbols that can be used in a positive way? Everything seems to have two sides so I wonder what positive symbols there are that represent love, spiritual growth and awareness.

I listened to the interview with Credo Mutwa. The grays seems to wear a skin tight suite. Does that suite protect them from harm in our dimension? The reptiles can only stay for a short period and the grays stay much longer if I am correct. Is there also a way humans can shield themselves from what is radiated on us from?

I would be nice to hear some insights or getting references to other sources to learn more.

Have a good journey,

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