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Originally Posted by harpalchemist View Post
You haven't got me convinced,can you explain yourself a bit better.I know of the eggshell theory,why is it true?I remember Donnie Darko said "you can't just lump everything into 2 categories,fear and love.What about the whole gamut of human emotion".As far as the unified field theory goes,my understanding is that all futures are possible at all times,but the controllers know how to start anywhere in the loop so disrupt whatever we try and make.Remember,i'm not trying to piss anyone off,but recall what Terence Mckenna said"Learn how to operate your brain,get together in groups and pass ideas around,that is how alchemy works.The correct answer now might be incorrect soon,we are still looking from INSIDE the goldfish bowl.Lets get some real answers here.
I think we can intuit what the freedom from the eggshell of fear is. When we can do exactly what we want in each moment, then the eggshell has been broken. Finding out how to break the eggshell, or how to define it, seems to be much more difficult.

Intellectual thinking by itself may NEVER be able to create freedom from fear. Therefore I think it's important not only to hang on to words but to do some practical experiments. The simplest method I use is to put awareness inside the body. That's something the mind cannot only think about; it has actually, practically learn how to move awareness into the body.
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