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this must be AT LEAST the third time i'm seeing Castro has died.


'The most happy day': Cuban Americans celebrate Castro's death in Miami

Generations gathered for parties in the streets as some saw ‘the beginning of a new Cuba’, but experts said Fidel Castro’s policies had died long ago

At midnight they began to pour on to the streets of Little Havana, generations of Cuban Americans bashing metal pots, blasting car horns and waving Cuban and American flags through the night as they celebrated the death of the man they knew as el monstruo – the monster.

By daybreak, the popping champagne corks had mostly given way to strong cafecitos, but the moods of jubilation remained all along Calle Ocho and elsewhere in Miami, home to almost a million Cubans.

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s revolutionary leader, dies aged 90
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From Cafe Versailles, the popular Cuban restaurant and bakery, to Maximo Gomez park further east, where the first waves of exiles from Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution still gather daily to play dominoes, there was the inescapable feeling that the page had finally turned on a dark chapter of history.

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