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Originally Posted by challand View Post
I'm currently making my way threw 'Children of the Matrix'. It's amazing! I just got back from a concert in Lousiville and I spent the entire way down and the entire way back reading outloud from it to my girlfriend who hardly has a interest in things of this nature... lol I started reading from it jokingly and she got interested and kept asking me to go on. hehe
Anywho'! It's obvious the human race is much, much older than we think... I'd venture to say certainly not thousands... probably more like millions.

Edit: BTW! Thanks a ton for all the amazing information Chat! Verrrrrrrrry interesting thread. I read about some of these things in Children of the Matrix, such as the tube inbedded in the coal.
kool challand

i deffo believe that we came from the stars, that someone came and seeded us.

bloody hell i better get me children of the matrix! i haven't got it up to now cause i knew it would blow me away if i did read it...i try and focus on more earthly things in nature (more boring ) just purely to awaken the sheeple to the more obvious stuff...but this is so shocking it might even work better!
how can anyone deny evidence like this, these artefacts, i mean there are countless artefacts showing where we came from...

scroll down to see the little rep alien he's too cute lol
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