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Default David Davis is a controlled "Anti BB" puppet

This is becoming more obvious by the day now.

Either he volunteered or was ordered to stand by the Elite in this by election.

The reason for this is because the Elite are aware that it is beginning to dawn on the masses that they are living in a Big Brother state.

Therefore someone of prominance was needed to "fight" this threat. David Davis, a high profile member of the Conservatives was selected to do this.

It reminds me of the time in the 1990's when a high profile news correspondent called Martin Bell stood as an Independant MP candidate on an "Anti-Sleaze" ticket.

He got elected to Parliament and for the next few years, whenever sleaze in politics was in the news, Bell would be in the TV studio as the icon for being anti-sleaze.

Needless to say, nothing changed except politicians became even more sleazy.

I predict a similar scenario with Davis. He will win the seat, and whenever BB stuff is on a TV news program, he will be on the program "opposing" the BB state.

Obviously this will be irrelevant as in a few years from now we will be living in an even more Big Brother state than we do already.

The Elite have resorted once again to using the 'Placate the masses by appearing to oppose the dastardly agenda, while actually in substance nothing changes" trick.
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