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Originally Posted by crome View Post
I really want to like him, because of all the mystical, way-out-there anarchic stuff, but it's very hard not to hate someone who kills some dolphins just to get their brains to play around with. And, that electrodes stuff you mention, is highly suss, to say the least. He does mention, also in the interview posted in this thread, that he regretted that, but it's almost a throwaway line, so glib and so casual it's hard to believe there's a whole lot of remorse there. Of course it's just words on a page - we don't know his true feelings about it. But based on his description of his fathers casual and utilitarian ways when it comes to human emotion, and which he seems to have absorbed ("he taught me something about passivity" ei. he taught me something about not caring) it's easy to get the impression that Lilly just doesn't give a damn, that everything is just a means to his own end. Like many driven people, scientists, artists and pioneers, he appears 100% dedicated to his own project at the expense of others -
I guess the word is 'uncompromising'...

Is The Center of the Cyclone worth a read ?

Sure, it is fascinating. He maps states of consciousness with a +/- system and details his flotation experiences. He talks about ECCO/ET contacts during LSD and ketamine trips in the tank. I read it as part of a self-education program consisting of reading everything I could get my hands on regarding psychedelics before I took my first acid trip. It inspired me to go to a float center that was in my town in the late 80's which was amazing.
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