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Originally Posted by tru3 View Post
don't think i saw any reference to "eyes of the mothman" documentary...

eyes of the mothman trailer 1
trailer 2

i thought it brought a lot more to the story than that movie....

curse of chief cornstalk...

don't blame me for the bad poetry, its the best i could find...


toluene is some bad shit....

still...that silver bridge...

the "eyes" documentary also talked about another "man in black", who apparently was aware of indrid cold, and yet seemed to have his own agenda/ reason for being there. i got the sense this entity was from the future; maybe they both were...

I have used toluene when I was a printer. We used it as a cleAning agent and in ink mix to dillute it and make it more evaporatable.

I used it with bare hands cause the Job was bulls*it and unsafe. I sprayed it from a ketchup bottle basically.

I never got dosed by it, but when I had the job I would have such badly damaged fingers that i had to clean the Ink off them by scraping the skin off with a razor blade. It was just like peeling a carrot. I was shaving off chemically damaged skin wholesale.
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