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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
People love to personalize things, and go overboard on the messenger .

When I start an Alex Jones thread , people obsess on his personality, "he shouts too much"... "he's too aggressive" ... "he's making money"... never want to discuss what he's saying.

With this mantra, it is the mantra which is important, Sha is irrelevant. People shouldn't be looking for a messiah, or someone to follow.

For a brief moment Sha asked the right question, channeled this mantra, sung it , and gave it out... It stands on it's own merit, separate from Sha, and any personal flaws he may or may not have.
Spot on. At the least, this song is a message that we are so very close to the source of love, peace and harmony - due to the effortless and instantaneous 'download' following Sha's request. That is something worth remembering as world events unfold. Where the song came from, his activities may cause a few s, but perhaps his own lesson in life is to learn 'You can't take it with you'!
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