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Originally Posted by abrilliantone View Post
LOL, I found it funny that you said that you understand the concept of spirit having a human experience. Yet you still believe that you are a human. Start from the beginning of this thread and start reading. This thread is 6-years old. A lot of information in here. The thing which you must keep in mind and your answer proves. Is that you believe you are a human. This is what we've been taught to believe, the moment we step foot into a school. - You are a human being and that's that. You can do this, you can't do that and thanks to our parents, friends, and most of all T.V. That belief is reinforced to us, it's all programming.

If you continue to accept YOUR programming, then yeah, YOU can't change anything especially not your DNA. But once you accept that you are not a human being and that the majority of the things we've been lead to believe are not true. Then you begin to see things in a whole new life and begin to understand that you in fact can change, not just your DNA but the world around you.
Excellent. I believe myself to be a Daemon. Yes, I know we shouldn't compare ourselves to anything but being a Daemon is really me. It gives me alot of power and abilities which I could never obtain in the past.... but these kind of things requires time; it's not like you just say you are this or this. It start of like this, but you have to consciously accept it. But I suggest you shouldn't be telling to everyone that you are not human; the "normal" people will just think you are crazy. Just tell it to people who you are familiar with and know that they will understand you, this way you can escape experiences which would get you to a lower state.
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