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Quantities: estimates based on average tank size of between 200 and 250 litres capacity, (or multiples thereof).

- For the AC Filter (16" + toolbox) around 5kg + activated carbon should suffice several years under normal conditions- shallow layer in tray, and deeper one in lower box(sump).
- For Maifan Filter (16"+ toolbox) around 5kg + maifan should last around 10 years under normal conditions.
- For ceramic bio rings 1kg + will give a surface area of dozens of football pitches per tank.
- For box filters, a handful of ceramic rings in each is more than enough.
- Shungite - add a minimum of around 2kg + per tank for a reasonable effect.
Shungite Natural Water Activator

The tubing from the shown diverter will become blocked faster than anything else. For ease of removal, fit this onto a 3/4"bsp male thread adaptor (it can just be twisted on by hand) suitable for fastening by hand into the particle filter or ball valve for easy removal and refitting. The diverter may be removed,cleaned and refitted in a couple of minutes providing the downpipe can be eased downwards sufficiently to release it. The particle filter does not require tools to take apart, clean and refit. It can be tightened by hand with a little effort. Over tightening will damage the seals.
A toothbrush may be used to clean the mesh in the filter.

The tank should not require cleaning nor maintenance once in use. Keep the lid fastened tight.

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