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Originally Posted by stewart edwards View Post
Indeed. The only difference is that we are all at different stages of different paths to the same place. But when you reach a certain point you begin to illuminate the way through your actions in the drudgery of daily life for those who follow on your path, and a bit to others as well, like a beacon in the night.

In truth, the messiah is simply someone who has reached a certain level of enlightenment. Now whether fellow humans recognise this or not in someone is a different matter.

I mean how would you recognsie the messiah? Think about it.
I guess any form of recognition would be based on an internal response to their knowlegde, but how do you define its depth? as far as I am aware messiah was a name given to hebrew kings anyway.

The jesus of the church is just their way of consolidating control of people by claiming to have a unique person who alone can offer salvation. This might be good enough for many but there are a growing number of people who reject this idea because they see the truth in spritual traditions around the globe, some of which are condemned by christians.
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