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Jozen-bo, you are incredible!

I'm tempering my excitement alot right now.

Based on the benefits you have described, I think you have discovered a devise which awakens dormant DNA, the 80-90% we are told is junk.

I very much hope, this is not a unique experience with the wheel to yourself.

I am currently doing my best to read of your various postings across the internet in order to get as best understanding of your wheel as possible.

Could i ask how long have you been working with these wheels?

How many wheels did you personally use in the beginning, what types and how has your collection of wheels grown?

Could i ask ho wlong you estimate it would take for someone to receive benefits from the usage of such wheels?

Your an amazing individual, whether this invention can work for others or not(do you have any idea whether it can?), it seems like your body and mind are awakening and it seems certain your destined for asension.


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