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This kind of strikes a chord with me, about a year ago I had a few episodes of sleep paralysis where I saw something like this. I was falling asleep, and for some reason I went through this hole in my brain, I saw all sorts of flashing bits of color in some sort of tunnel - if you've ever wrote software it was like I found a bug in my mind and all the garbage your not supposed to see getting was displayed on the screen. I somehow went into an area of protected memory that I'm not normally allowed to get to.

My brain felt like it was squeezing in on itself as I went through it, and after a few seconds and ended up at the end in front of this spinning wheel. I had no knowlege of the zodiac before hand, but years later I've come to find that's exactly what it was. A large wheel, lucidly lit, slowly and patiently spinning counterclockwise, with this kind of hum. On it were those elfish symbols arranged in concentric circles - any astrology website shows these exact symbols. I had never given these symbols any thought before which is really weird! I didn't get the chance to count, but if I were to guess, there were probably 36 rows of these symbols, in no particular arrangement. I wish i could draw.

The first time it happened everything was black and white, the symbols were thin and black, as if drawn by a pencil. The second time (about a week later) it was the exact same experience, except the wheel was much larger, and the symbols were thick and glowing flourescent blue, orange, and indigo - the color kind of shifted as if it was light projected out from behind the wheel. Both times I watched it for about 10 or 15 seconds, then I flew towards it, went through it and just woke up scared as hell.

The whole time I kept thinking, I am really not supposed to see this, this thing knows everything about me. I'm not really sure what it means, but it was definitely the most profound experience of my life. I think it's very important, and now I see something like this. =)

I've had lots of other odd experiences when falling asleep, I've traveled space, looked down on the earth, even flew towards this gray alien dude who I think helped me. But those two were definitely the most mysterious and powerful. I need to find out more.

I've been trying to meditate to induce that state on purpose, and yesterday evening I finally had some success! I saw all this green and black stuff flashing, I stayed there for a few seconds then I freaked out and came back.
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