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hello there jozen bo

interesting thing this topic

i see the eye...and its iris in this Av of yours.

regarding someone elses comment here that "if imagination is the limit."... i find it that IMAGINATION is LIMITLESS...

i will keep reading this thread
thank you for sharing this interesting re-membrance of the infinite knowledge of where we come from

i didn't do this yet, bt i believe that spinning your avatar, because of the way all colours are displayed, it would create a tunnel-shaped 3D motion vision and depending on the side to which u spin it, it would either warp all colours into its center, or if opposite spinning it would create the illusion of the this tunel running towards you...
since u used the 7 human eye defined main light specters when colouring the "rings"/spirals of your wheel, i assume whatever the rotation used it would probably affect the chakras/DNA spiral database etc.

i read somewhere that we have 12 layers of DNA. only two main strains are "known" to the scientific world today or only two were made "public" for now, e.i. physically "visible". Other strains i feel can be simply the spiritual levels of existence of each soul/energy. Who knows, may be the "silver cord" that "connects" us to the MATRIX IS the rest of the "DNA"...

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