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Originally Posted by dmckenna View Post
I remember Icke said in the documentary "David Icke, the lizards and the Jews" that they either kill you or character assassinate you. With him they chose the latter.

Icke also has said a psychic told him he will be protected and he believes that. I know going outside the realm of the five senses can put people off but there might be something to that in his particular case.
Yes ..... David was asked in an interview why they hadn't killed him ....He said something like .."because I don't believe they can" ....

Beliefs create your reality , if you believe you are untouchable , mostly you will be , but also it will allow non physical beings to be effective in sending 'divine' protection ... the dark ones just have to put up with that and try to attack David's by finding a weak spot in his message, (such as 'reality is fake') and twisting that idea.
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