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He definitely played a big role during my 'research years'. Prior to Icke I'd read "Trilateralism" and "Rule by Secrecy". I felt these had touched on some very important topics that needed to be exposed. Icke's early works were very influential in my life; I must say. The 'Reptilian Era' made me question him and since then I've distanced myself from his work, though, I will say, I've still purchased his books since he is still a wonderful researcher. I remember reading things years ago in his books that History or Discover Channel just caught up with.

Without a doubt his greatest achievement is exposing the Zionist attempts to destroy and peace in the middle-east and elsewhere.

Although I've questioned his loyalty, I will say I do believe he cares about humanity; he doesn't take sides or allow religious affiliations to determine his opinion on any issue. Which is why he will always be above AJ, Rense or just about any other site regarding Conspiracy Research.

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