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No it wasn't anyone it was everything around me made me question everything because everything is extreme and in your face now big time with the mentality of people since the mobile phone boom has made me think that people's mental health is different to what it was without that technology, there is a big change in how people react you can see it in their faces or just how souless and narcissistic they have become it's become much worse now since the Smart phone introduction, people just don't make eye contact or you notice how vulgar society is becoming with the way people eat that now there seems to be this limited awareness going on or mass cognative dissonance is becoming apparent, with a lot of neglect in once thriving towns where there was once clean streets with lots shops now a lot are closed or boarded up mobile phones shops opening up now E Ciggarette stalls and shops, you just have to look at the ignorance of the surroundings the lack of care and empathy of each other to know that something is way off but those with their phones won't notice.

Of course it's obvious dumbing down happening on purpose that made me think, then I researched the effects of electrosmog also chemtrails then vaccines then it was Icke and the Reptilians.
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