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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
Maybe not on the same scale, but I doubt Jesus, Buddha and others could have imagined the havoc a vast swathe of their followers would wreak in their names, either.

By the way, I think it's fine to learn from some of the ideas, but conversion?! Anyone who speaks in terms of David Icke converting them is just bringing a mindset that's more appropriate to traditional religion. And I would personally stay as far as possible from any researcher or figure who themselves feel they're converting others. That's the old mindset as well.
I think conversion is a correct term. It doesn't have to be mind control. Icke has converted me from someone who believed in the loch ness monster to someone who believes in the illuminati. That's quite a leap. Learning can convert you. Every book you read, be it fiction or non fiction, converts you in some way.
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