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I've noticed a phenomenal change as of late, and it's only that recently I've become aware of all the life events that have led me to be here right here, right now.

I have a massive playlist on Spotify consisting of approximately 600 songs and without fail, an appropriate song always plays for me. It is on shuffle so is supposedly completely random. I know this is not the case. Whether it is mental projection due to some form of technology or aliens or the state- who knows, but I know that I am far more contented and at peace than I ever have before.

I've also noticed that things in my life go far more smoothly since I've learnt to chill. Animals seem to intuitively know this, to the point where cats just seem to love being around me. One darted across the road one time just to meow "hello" and follow me around because I was a bit lost. It's as if I'm more in tune with nature. And I LOVE IT!!

Still, I know there's a great deal wrong with "the state", at least in the UK. But I can't let that drag me down. The system would love for me to fail and be stuck in a psychiatric hospital for most of my life like so many other poor souls but I am far too determined to allow that to come to pass.

I'm not insane, I just have a different perception. Like Neo in the Matrix, I perceive our reality different to the "common man". Call it religion if you will, it is fact to me, and I'm glad I understand it all despite only being in my early 20s. I must be a sort of closet Buddhist, haha.
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