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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
There are some very serious figures in the truth movement who deal with the issues you are raising, I would recommend looking on Youtube for George Kevasillass or Andrew Bartzis(lance white interviews)

The two I've just mentioned strongly disagree with this , humanity maybe in the dark about many things , and distracted ...but we are regarded as a very powerful race, probably because of all the trails and hardships we've been through, once our DNA gets a tune up as the energy shifts we will be one of the greatest species in the Galaxy , impossible to be enslaved ... that's the understanding of the top people in this movement, anyway.

Thank you very much for that information. I appreciate it. I will look up these two guys.

As for humanity, yes I have no doubt we are an extraordinary powerful race of beings, but I still think we are at a very low almost primitive level of awareness of OUR TRUE POTENTIAL.

I mean, last night I watched some of the Republican convention electing the idiot Trump!

But I look forward to listening to what these guys have to say.

Many thanks!
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