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This article is from a (US) veterans magazine which is concerned with veterans health care , benefits .... just ordinary veterans read it , yet look how hard core this article is.

The US veterans are said to be the most awake group , thanks mostly to Alex Jones.

This is the start of the article linked to in post 1 ...."There is a centuries old, very powerful and sinister secret Bloodline that has been parasitizing the human race and farming it as chattel.

But its long term inter-generational Agenda is not one of love, peace and prosperity; rather it is one of induced degradation, illness, suffering, violent death and destruction of everything most humans consider sacred and good.

This Bloodline has gained control over Planet earth through very crafty means such as: hijacking monetary production and distribution...."

I don't know what the text is in post 1....where it comes from.

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