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Question Is Sheldan Nidle a fraud?

So is there more than one Galactic Federation of Light? I can't help but ask this since Sheldan Nidle of the Planetary Activation Organization at claims to be a contactee of the Galactic Federation, yet he sometimes refers to his ET contacts as the Galactic Federation of Light. This is quite inauspicious since ET contactees Tanaath, Tolec, and George Kavassilas have made it clear that the Galactic Federation of Light is a malevolent ET council that masquerades as a benevolent ET council, unlike the Galactic Federation which is a benevolent ET council that is subordinate to the benevolent Andromeda Council. The PAO symbol looks highly Illuminati as it contains a 6-pointed star (Saturn/Satan symbol) and a cross in the middle. Not to mention Sheldan claims he is contacted by benevolent ET's from Sirius B which has been said by many ET sources to be a hangout for malevolent ET's.

I asked Andromeda Council contactee Tolec about all this and while he said that it is certainly possible that Sheldan has been tricked by malevolent Sirius B reptilians who can manipulate people's minds with sophisticated technology, he doesn't know whether or not Sheldan Nidle is a fraud and he flat out told me, "I honestly don't know what Sheldan Nidle believes."

So is Sheldan a fraud? And how many Galactic Federation of Light's are there?
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