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Offered for speculation.....

Our London Correspondent said (May 28, 2005):

Your latest article 'Real "Star Wars" Scenario Puts Movie To Shame is very interesting. The truth is simply that after the Third World War has commenced, before it has had time to run its course, there will be a Staged Alien Invasion.

This will be created by the NSA and Mossad. It goes under the name of Project Greenstar. I suggest all Save The Males website users go and do a Google search for 'Project Greenstar'. The multi-trillion US Dollar secret budget over the past 20 years or so had put into orbit via NASA, NSA, DIA and ESA control, thousands of unknown satellites that will be used during the Staged Alien Invasion to create a massive, prolonged holographic lightshow across Planet Earth via 3D Holographic Projection Technology. UFOs such as Flying Triangles, huge Silver Discs and multicolored Orbs will be seen by billions of people day and night.

Some of the UFOs flown will be ones built by the Illuminati Secret Government and flown out of Area 51, Wright-Patterson AFB, Nellis AFB and other USAF Bases. The Staged Alien Invasion will comprise two opposing Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, EBE, sides fighting it out. One EBE race will pose as the saviour and one as the aggressor and enemy of Earth. The 'good' EBEs will win as the Staged Alien Invasion is all fake, all preplanned and all a pack of lies. The Disclosure Project is about activating and familiarising millions of people with Staged Alien Invasion Project Greenstar programming. Films such as Independence Day, Stars Wars 3 - Return of the Sith and TV series like V -The Final Battle, Invasion Earth and others again back this programming up.

The EBE saviours will demand they should become our guardians against future attack. Their agenda is a dark and sinister one, desgined to completely destroy humanity. Both EBE races are allies and are not interested in humanity. They are connected to the power of the Blue Blood Illuminati Families and the Committee of 300. After the Staged Alien Invasion, will come the Fake Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who will be a genetically engineered being, microchipped and part cybernetic. He will instruct us all to accept the One World Government and New World Religion with the EBEs as our 'friends' and 'saviours'. All hell will break loose.

I really do mean that with total seriousness. We are not victims or Sheeple, Zombies, Cattle or Lemmings. If people do not in large numbers start to wake up soon and address their Subconscious Mind Patterns and their Victim Mind Patterns, they never will.
This seems to be the lesser-known cousin of Project Blue Beam, and a favourite topic of Stewart Swerdlow, for what it's worth.
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