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Suppose that Trump and some white hoods do have what is called in poker 'the nuts' (ie the very best hand possible) and they have enough solid evidence to arrest hundreds if not thousands of people across all walks of life (including governments, politicians, alphabet agencies, the media, private corporations/banks and Satan knows who else) supposing all that, the question is what do they do with it? how do they release it without causing a quantum shitstorm?

To go public and prosecute all these cases would mean waking up the whole world instantly, and a very rude awakening it would be for some people. I believe some sort of extreme civil unrest if not a civil war would be the result.

Interesting times. Watch the movie but don't follow the script.
“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.” ? Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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