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Originally Posted by grannie27 View Post
Thats an unknown as far as UKIP are concerned,but we Do know all the other main Parties ARE part of the Elite establishment .
The Huffington Post tried the "UKIP are Antisemetic "card ,because Gerrard Batten spoke out against Bilderburg and the MSM .
Well normally I'd agree with you Grannie, but if you look through history, it happened to Labour and it has happened to the Lib Dems. I am not denying that UKIP aren't a political force to be reckoned with - they may well be, but what I am saying is that once they get where they're going, something happens to political parties. Power is seductive is it not..?!

I personally will be looking out for future Bilderburg lists to see if any of them are on it. At the moment the elite have been able to ignore UKIP and with the media gaffes its not really surprising. I think if anything to me, this UKIP voting thing says more people are awake than we realise and that should be recognised for what it is. The problem is, what happens with the political arena afterwards.
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