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Originally Posted by dave52 View Post
Ok, so I don't understand the rise of UKIP in terms of the Global Conspiracy.

The Global Conspiracy tells us that there is an agenda that pushes us towards a one-world government (with the EU being part of that move)...

The Global Conspiracy also tells us that Politicians, Governments, Presidents and Prime Ministers are somewhat hand picked with the Media using all the brainwashing powers at its disposal to coral the dumb masses into voting for who the PTB want in power...

Now, there has definitely been a push by the mainstream media, tv news and press pack in the UK to demonise immigrants and to push Nigel Farage up to the dizzy hieghts of "Great White Hope and Saviour"... and it looks as though that brainwashing has worked. There is no doubt that UKIP have done very well in yesterdays elections.

So, my question. Isn't the enablement of UKIP counter-productive to the push for One World Government...?

What is going on here?
Divide and conquer?

While the EU isn't perfect, far from it, at the moment I can up sticks, jump into my car and drive to any EU member state and set up home. I'm suspicious of anyone who wants to reduce my freedoms.

So to me UKIP want me in a smaller cage, next it will be restrictions on UK internal movement; South is full so you'll need a special permit to head down. Scotland will be independent, so can't go too far north.

Also UKIP would have us out of the European Court of Human Rights. I still find it strange that people are falling for this. I'm a human, why would I be happy about losing some rights? I quite like the idea that I can't be forced to work around the clock, and many other employment rights the EU has bought us.

The papers are full of stories of criminals exploiting human rights laws, and the MSM use this to justify getting rid of it. Seriously? Some bad men exploit a good things so we all lose it? Who'd be in favour of a curfew on the basis some burglars rob under the cover of darkness?

UKIP are a dangerous tool, sold on the basis of protecting the UK by limiting freedoms. They will dismantle the NHS we have paid to set up to make profits for the people who fund the party.

For me to vote for UKIP would be like a turkey voting for Christmas. Others disagree, mainly the ones who think that they're awake while I'm asleep, I believe the contrary.
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