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So, my question. Isn't the enablement of UKIP counter-productive to the push for One World Government...?

No. Look at the Neocon George W Bush and 911. That was all manipulated. And then along comes Obama................everyone thought he would put things right and he just followed the same agenda. But for a time the people who had their eye on the ball took it off and that is what was wanted. Let everyone think that they have won for a bit and it will take them ages to figure that something has gone wrong. All the time they are inching to NWO.
So if UKIP get in the people who voted for them will relax and then the agenda will be pushed forward. Then two years later things are getting worse and people are saying WTF!
Keep the masses in WTF all the time and you confuse them.
Anyway that is how I see it all plays out.
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