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Originally Posted by old major View Post
Read most of his books but I can't figure out if he believes in having any form of government or not. Anybody here know his view on the matter?
When he talks of how government should be feeding the impoverished of the world, that is hardly anarchist, since it presupposes a global government that is taking from one and redistributing to another. Maybe that was a carry over from his Green Party (socialist) days, I don't know.

Originally Posted by kappy0405 View Post
he's never spoken specifically on his political ideals.. But from an observational standpoint, it's clear that he definitely leans a bit towards what society calls the 'left', and is certainly towards the libertarian (not the political party) end of the spectrum..
Here in the states libertarian is a conservative movement, or classical liberal, but not "left" by any means. Ron Paul and Peter Schiff, libertarians both, are hardly leftists. But I agree that Icke leans more toward the left as far as I can tell.
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