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Originally Posted by speakingout View Post
Why do I get the feeling that this it, Israel starting to deal the last cards for the final show down, masses are awakening and the Babylonian brotherhood needs to move now before they run out of time. I just feel certain events that we have been warned about are stating to really unfold right before our eyes I swear I feel like i'm living in a friggin mahoosive bullshit movie....I mean a jewish police force in London what the fuck!!!! How much more bullshit can the sheeple swallow it so fkin blatantly obvious whats happening!!! wake the fuck up morons....jesus!! (present company excluded ofc)
The rush is on because we are running out of the ready energy to create the take over, basically oil, about 2050 it will be well past the end game, this is why so many nuclear power stations are in the pipe line all over the world, and the coal is being hoarded by the nations doing the aggression.

And the current ones have been armoured against attack over the last ten years or so, some are more secure than many military bases.

Everything is definitely taking shape and it is being noticed by many.
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