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Default acceptance conditioning

After serving the police on strike in new York, and falling into the trap that they are an irrelevance, and the job they do is no longer relevant, that the taxpayers no longer pay for a police service, even DI says its all a cynical plot to take everything into private hands, and thus serving the ericher men everytime

This is a plot to get the british used to" if you want to be protected then only the private sector that is vigilantes can do so, and we protect at risk groups.

for a price obviously

watch as they start targeting other minority or at risk groups to serve their own private police force, MY how we have moved on from protectionist racketeering that serves the MAFIA and other criminal groups, now its on the street instead, its laughable.

sorry they the criminal element are laughing at you the boys in blue, as impotent and incompetent, because you started taking sides and listening to the puppets as against watching how you are being manipulated by corrupt as shit officers and you looking the other way whilst focussing on your nice pension and not the law.

Maybe we need a new crossdressing serpico/ Elliott ness type police force that serves the people, served by a new \Head JEHOVAH J E(dgar) HOOVER
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