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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
You said

And then you said

Amun Ra & Horus are not the same thing.

I can see why you're confused, you don't even understand your own presentation. You're not the only one
Although having said that, given the Muslim / Jewish issues, the exodus of Moses and 'the chosen people' from Egypt certainly aligns with the worship of One group of deities aka the anunaki into two distinct groups who evolved their own ethos / interpretation of the original faith into the faiths we see today in Islam & Judaism.

Very few people who study this with a critical eye would disagree - but the core faith and the pantheon of deities who ruled Egypt over its early through to late dynasties are themselves reinvented from earlier cultures - ie from Babylon, through Mesopatamia that emerged from Sumer.

Egypt & its pantheon gods are just a stepping stone from the origins of faith that started in Sumer. A retelling. And the genesis of man through DNA manipulation that occurred there, alongside the introduction of Nephalim ie bloodlines - of which the Egyptian dynastic rulers /gods, as well as Moses, Mohammed and Jesus were all part of.

Ra, and all the rest of the pharoes believed themselves to be gods, because their bloodline lineage was created back in Sumer when 'the sons of the gods looked upon the daughters of man and took them as their wives' - it just gets reinvented over millennia and still exists today.

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