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This what it looked like yesterday ; The above is in more then 1 image of this times. In this place

it show up when there a lot of Death. I have a shot of it in the men who support Osama bin Laden. Yemen if i looked at the gambit of imagery. I would likely find that guy

Smilein Jacksprat. The Above post the gray image is . The planet that image come from is Mar's. That planet is what ? dead ? The Matrix image is not about 1 peoples. We are all fracking up. And if we lash out with our fist or guns. This there feeding off that death. As surely as there feeding of the Death we create. for food.

search give you an idea say food a simples of human rights

When a whale eats 100,000 Krill in a bit. Those that feed in this way come for there part of that of that feast.

search some war

Instead of that negative

Notice the shape n angel compared to the above beach shot

busa - Nibiru for those who want to see.

this talks about some old blind man is looking or looked after a box. with some decoration on top.

busa - Nibiru for those who want to see.

Life is a 3 edged sword There the good the bad an the ugly. This is an uplifting topic. That is very frighting for me because it shows high ground domination. By what likely is the actual extraterrestrials. watch us as per usual. In this case there doing there stuff on a grand level a biblical icon with the guardian. who we all knew was a blind man very old if alive then. an its far beyond any thing SmilinJacksprat has done

Skys I hope this not to confusing n i really hope this helps
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
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