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Originally Posted by lordzoma View Post
That brings us up to Matrix V - a separate 3 series book written by the anonymous author.

I would say this is the most important book on the planet, as it contains keys of information necessary to graduate from Earth. A strange concept if you're hearing about it cold, but one that can be thoroughly explained.
if it takes 3 books to explan it then I am sorry to say but it's hot air and speculation on top of speculation on more speculation because no one knows and it won't take something as big as the bible.

Sound like that NASA guy (Tom i thinks) who produced the "My Big Toe" theory and then goes on to find that only six people follow him because it's taught like a religion, not open to question, don't ask untill you have spent weeks of reading and then don't ask too loud.

I speculate myself but it's based on logic and i would never speculate ten levels deep to produce what is after all just a compeling theory

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