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Originally Posted by son_of_parrot View Post
Did anyone get offended when two black guys "whited up" and pretended to be white girls in the film White chicks?

Maybe white people should have kicked up a stink about black people portraying white girls as stupid?
Never let logic get in the way of screaming RACIST ....there are people in our society in the UK who have really suffered through racist actions ,pretty sure non of them got beaten to death with a Gollydoll...this debate washes away the real racist crimes against people over decades all reduced to being photographed with a childhood toy as Racist. Stupid maybe ,pushing buttons maybe ...racist .
To be fair to Tilda she does have a good point about the original creation of the image of "blacked" up white people " ...I always thought the Black and White Minstrel show was vile ..never understood how it could be called entertainment .
The truth is the real acts of violence on blacks are done by blacks (stabbings /shootings),or the corrupt Police to black youths .....stop and search ..
Thank god we do not hear the many stories as I did in my youth of white on black attacks ....or the reverse.
But the fact remains, controlled Borders is not and should never be called Racist .
Due to Open borders Human trafficking is at an all time high ,and its NOT about colour ...its about HUMAN abuse . and we should be concerned and care ,for all of the people being bought and sold into slavery.

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