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Originally Posted by tildatod View Post
Phreaky, why would you think naivety? She was raised in the USA. Slavery, remember? It was the norm to be racist, overtly horribly vile to blacks. Slavery had been abolished by the time she was born, but, it had been the norm for her mother's life. Not to mention, there was endless racial hatred despite the abolition of slavery. It was, very very importantly, very much still a time of empire building, empire confidence and so on. Minstrels were still performing well into the 20th century.HOW can such a person be naive? If you mean that this person was simply thinking, acting and showing the racist behaviours of the time, then yes, I would agree. At that time, there was a HUGE divide between blacks and whites. You really think that someone was not aware of that? You really think that someone who decided to write/draw ugly black 'dolls' inspired by the minstrels who took the piss out of blacks, was not aware that it was wrong? Where's the matching grotesque images of whites then?

It's a bit like South Africa. Apartheid was abolished. Er, are people magically united now? All blacks are loved? All whites are loved? Everyone's getting on? It's 20 years on from the abolition of apartheid, and the country's deeply divided.
If the creator of the golliwog was a racist who hated blacks then why didn't make the golliwog the "bad guy" instead of a loveable & likeable charactor?

I think if thats the case then she failed as most kids who owned a golliwog doll and read the books did so affectionately.
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