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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
In just saying it was the time when someone could innocently portray a black character like this....
Yes - but where were those images found? In school books, by and large. Who created the education system that was responsible for the information we receive? Who ran the print media, cinema industry and publishing houses that churned out those images in articles, books, cartoons, films? The elite, who just happened to be rich white men in power – and they weren’t about to dignify the image of the people whom they were ruling.

Context. It's important to understand it's no coincidence that this kind of imagery was rife at a time when blacks in the USA were living in apartheid "post slavery" conditions. At this time, the British empire and other European elitists had colonised Africa and the Caribbean islands. We're talking the late nineteen century until the 1960s/1970s.

Prior to this, European travelers in Africa wrote historical accounts that show an image of Africa that is poles apart from the negative 'dark continent' 'savage' narrative. That didn't go into the education system that was disseminated globally. Why wasn't this shown? Why instead were cartoon figures of ridicule put there for popular consumption? It’s because it’s in the nature of imperialism/colonialism to rewrite the history of the people they conquer in the favour of the imperialist.

The blacks couldn't fight back, they couldn't even talk back - they'd be killed. It was a master/servant relationship and the servants were meant to entertain, grin and look happy, despite the realities of their lives. Hence the golliwog!

Black kids at school – and their parents at work who were called golliwogs or wogs knew straight away that it wasn’t a cute little term of endearment. There’s a whole history behind it.

As a general observation - and not aimed at you per se, just a thing I’ve become aware of since joining in ’08 - it’s interesting that some “truthers” tend to get up in arms about the information they receive through the elite’s institutions, saying it’s fake, distorted etc. Yet as this thread has shown, they are quite comfortable with the distorted elite-created narrative of black history presented by the same institutions. (The 'Frankfurt-School-invented-racism' get out clause comes in quite "handy"!)

But it’s very simple – I just wouldn’t use racially derogatory names nor cherish caricature images of any race just because they were the ‘thing to do’ in 1910 or whenever; and they were wrong even then.

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