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Originally Posted by john white View Post
Hey, lets just create illusions for fun! Thats fine by me, at least your honest about it. And that sense of "who knows what's true then, anything could be" is a great excuse for apathy when we are confronted with the inconvieniance of hard fact. Saves the ptb a whole load of bother with disinformationalists when we will disinform ourselves just for shits n giggles as well

Time to put Swerdlow on the "will claim any old bollocks for attention" list as well (though he's been there for a while tbh). That's really helpful to all the SRA victims who actually think the clown can help them in anyway

But don't get me wrong Superstar: I don't have a problem with you doing your thing. Just as you don't have a problem with me doing mine
Have yo any idea how vast the conspiracy is?
Dont think so.
Disinform this and disinform that.
Yes and you decide that.
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